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Omaha is on the brink of massive change – 1 year progress check

One year ago today, I wrote this post titled “Omaha is on the brink of massive change“. It explored my thoughts on Omaha’s tech/entrepreneurial community. Apparently people thought it was interesting because in the next 3 days after posting it, … Continue reading

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No One Has Ever Told Me I Wasn’t Good Enough

A lot of people seem to cite their doubters for their success. Being told they can’t do something becomes motivation for a lot of people. I get it. No one likes being told they can’t do something. I am just … Continue reading

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Why most managers suck

One of the most common complaints you hear from an employee at any company is that their boss just doesn’t “get it” and for the most part, a large portion of employees with this complaint actually have a valid point. … Continue reading

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I’m working on a new project

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Jordan and I were playing a game of ping pong and discussing and idea he had for how we could easily track the games we played and surface some analytics behind those games … Continue reading

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Why I quit on my team during Startup Weekend

This past weekend was the first Startup Weekend that I ever attended and I was extremely excited about it. Unfortunately, it didn’t end up as magical as I thought. But in a weird way, it ended up being an extremely … Continue reading

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Huge Thanks to Dwolla

It’s been awhile since I posted, but I need to throw a shout out to Dwolla for sponsoring me and 9 other people to go to StartUp Weekend Omaha in September. These guys really “get it” and seem to genuinely … Continue reading

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Why I am excited about Startup Weekend

I realize the next Startup Weekend in Omaha isn’t until September 16th but I wanted to wanted to document some of my thoughts about it. I’ve never been to Startup Weekend before (I missed the first 2 in Omaha), but … Continue reading

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