I’m working on a new project

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Jordan and I were playing a game of ping pong and discussing and idea he had for how we could easily track the games we played and surface some analytics behind those games to really get a better understanding of how good or bad we were performing and how we stacked up against others. After several conversations about this idea, we both decided it was something we were pretty excited about even if we were the only two that used it. So not so long after that, we started work on simple prototype of what we were envisioning in our heads (and by we, I mostly mean Jordan).

So anyway, we are currently working on the site. Jordan is doing the development work and I am tasked with getting some people on board to help us test and getting the word out in general. We are pretty excited about it and we aren’t really sure where we are going with it yet. Our goal is to get a minimum viable product up and running pretty soon and starting to get feedback and additional data to help shape our future roadmap. With that said, we would love for people to sign up for the waiting list so we can give them first access when we are ready to launch. If you are interested in helping us out, please sign up for the waiting list at the link below:


Thanks in advance!


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