Lessons Learned from Rob Dyrdek

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a big fan of Rob Dyrdek. At first, I was just a fan because the dude is freakin hilarious and watching Rob & Big and Fantasy Factory was one of the highlights of my week. But this season, I started liking Rob for a different reason. This season he started sportin’ the “Make Your Own Luck” line of clothing. I started looking into it a bit more and I found out that he is not only a pro skater, but a successful serial entrepreneur. Much of his entrepreneurial mindset can be summed up in this video he created for the MYOL line of clothing.

My favorite quote from the video: “No one gives you anything in life. You gotta work hard and go after it to get it.”

I think that one statement sums up the mindset of how successful entrepreneurs think. Rob isn’t an incredibly smart person (just check out this episode where they take an IQ test), but he does a couple of things others don’t do.

  • He hustles
  • He constantly looks for opportunities worth pursuing
  • He doesn’t shy away from taking risks

Don’t get me wrong, being smart definitely doesn’t seem to hurt, but I think the three items listed above are more important. If you hustle, take risks, and work hard, your company has a good shot at making it. If you need to hang a Rob Dyrdek poster in your office to remember that, then I suggest doing it. That’s what I plan on doing.

To check out a summary of Rob’s life as an entrepreneur, I highly suggest you watch this video: Rob Dyrdek-How I did it

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