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Problem finders vs. Problem solvers

I’ve seen several articles on this recently, but I figured I would write my own post on it as well. As you can tell by the title, I am comparing two types of people. Problem finders and problem solvers. When … Continue reading

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What motivates me

I thought I should actually put some thought into what motivates me. I have a feeling the success or failure of whatever business I end up starting is going to hinge on my ability to execute on certain key areas … Continue reading

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Being an “Idea guy” sucks

I’ve had a bunch of ideas for possible “game changing” web based businesses in the past couple of years. I figured that if I told others about these ideas, that I would eventually bump into a super talented programmer who … Continue reading

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Wannabes are underrated

*Disclaimer: At this point, I totally consider myself a wannabe so I may be slightly biased with my opinion. I was talking with my wife the other day about Big Omaha selling out and how I thought that indicated that … Continue reading

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Omaha is on the brink of a massive change

I have a bunch of other posts I have been writing and revising before I wanted to launch this blog, but something happened today that I had to write about and share immediately. Big Omaha Sold Out. But that’s not … Continue reading

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